Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Happy Birthday, Daddy! We Miss You!

Today is Hubs' birthday and he is away on business :( We celebrated his birthday last weekend since he was going to be away today.
I sent him on a little scavenger hunt through the house to find his gift. He really doesn't like things like that, but he played along and that prize at the end was worth it!
Here he is with the golf bag he had been hinting around about :)
The kiddos sang to him on the phone today and AP has been singing/yelling "birthday daddy" for most of the day. We celebrated tonight by eating the rest of his cake and doing some cooking together for a Christmas potluck tomorrow.
We really wish we had been with you today, daddy!

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Maria said...

So, I know this isn't at ALL about Andy's b-day, but I just noticed how much AP's hair is growing. CUTE!!!