Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Eight Down...Many More To Go

We had a wonderful dinner date last night. The kiddos stayed with Boompa and Baba (thanks!). Hubs and I braved the freezing winds and headed downtown to Jimmy Kelly's.

It is a great steakhouse in a big historic house. We were in the front parlor room next to the fire and it was very cozy. Hubs gets extra points for calling ahead and having roses waiting at our table. Boompa and Baba apparently frequent there as well, they had called and requested that we have a certain server and had champagne sent to our table. We felt a little spoiled!

I got a bleu cheese fillet that was YUMMY. The desserts were to die for, too. Hubs wouldn't let me take a picture of my big brownie :) Our server was a little younger than us and told us that he was getting married this fall and wanted to know what the secret to marriage was. It was interesting to hear Hubs answer. I won't share it with blogland, but it made me proud to be his wife for sure!

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Shane & Marie said...

Happy Anniversary. So glad you enjoyed a night out!