Friday, February 20, 2009

Pajama Day

Yesterday was pj day at C's school. He was very excited to not have to get dressed for the day, but I think it made him more tired to have his pj's on. He moved soooo slow all morning. I wonder how wearing pj's affects their behavior at school? It was interesting that C took a nap yesterday at school, when he normally never does that, I think it was all because he was wearing pj's!
Right after we got home from school yesterday, Nanna arrived! She is in town to visit for the weekend. AP was a little upset when she figured out that Nanna didn't bring Baby S, but she quickly got over it.

Here is AP helping Nanna with some work on the computer.

Race Car Driver Knight made an appearance last night.

Then this morning AP was pretending that she was the mommy and Nanna was the baby. She begged Nanna to get in her lap! I'm sure those two will have fun today.

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