Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The End of a Peanut Butter Era

And no I'm not talking about all the salmonella going around! Somehow when C first came home, Hubs and I got in a habit of yelling "peanut butter" to distract C if one of us or the TV had said something that C should not hear or dwell on. For example, if a not nice word slipped out of my mouth, Hubs would yell "peanut butter" and then C would be distracted and thinking about why his dad just yelled that, rather than thinking about what his mom had just said. This silly habit spread to all of our family members and gets used a lot. (We really aren't a bunch of sailors) Anyway, yesterday the kiddos and I were at uncle and aunt's house and my cousin was on the computer and he said something that was not very nice, I yelled "peanut butter" because C was standing right there. C looked up at me and said "Mom, that does NOT distract me anymore!" Ha! He apparently had caught on to what we were trying to do a long time ago and just decided to let us in on it. Silly boy!

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Madelyn's Mommy said...

That is funny! Well atleast it worked for awhile. :O)