Sunday, February 21, 2010

A Couple Firsts

Saturday afternoon one of C's classmates had a birthday party at Circus World. The kiddos had never been there and Hubs and I hadn't been there in a decade or so. It hasn't really changed much, so I don't know if that's good or bad :) One thing that has changed in the last few years is that they replaced the ice in the ice skating rink with synthetic ice. It was strange, but still fun.

C had never been ice skating or synthetic skating so it was a first either way. AP wasn't big enough to try.

I was amazed at how quickly C was able to stay up on the skates and zip around. He was practically running on the ice stuff. I think he would really enjoy trying true ice skating soon.
The kiddos also went bowling for the first time. Can you stand the cuteness in those teeny tiny bowling shoes?! C really liked it once we found the right ball.

And just because she was posing for me this morning :) Daddy and C went to church early. Leave the girls alone and we are sure to take a few pictures!
And I almost forgot, C's art in the last post depicted him eating candy! The only guesser was right. If C were president he would "eat candy" :)


Shannon said...

That fake ice is strange...G ask all the time to go back ice skating...we should take them.

I think C would be a great President:)

Jamie said...

Both of you need to go with us to the centennial sportsplex. Jess would love to have friends to skate with because Nathan doesn't go as fast and doesn't always want to stay as long on the ice. The little one can do it there as well.