Tuesday, February 23, 2010

They've Got Our Number

So we didn't sign up for it, but it was delivered to our mailbox today.
I think they must have a database of every little girl who is about to turn 4.
Our little girl just happens to be obsessed with babies, to the point that if there are no babies around she has been known to start diapering and burping my water bottle.
So it comes as no surprise that she "need"s almost everything on every page of the AG catalog!


Shannon said...

oh good!! now WE have a reason to go to Chicago:)

Jamie said...

After showing daddy the prices in there, that catalog hit the bottom of the recycling container before anyone else could see it! lol.

The Stahnke's said...

To cute! I took my daughter to the American Girl in Chicago! What a wonderful bonding experience, and exspensive to. Good luck with it all!!!!