Friday, February 19, 2010

Take A Guess

C brought this home from school today. I am guessing this was a part of their study of Presidents Day. So if C were president he would... Can you guess what he was writing? I'd love to see your guesses. I could not figure it out, but after he told me, it made sense and it made me laugh. The picture is a clue, although most definitely not drawn to scale!
This afternoon we took advantage of the sun shining and the temperatures rising! We met some friends at the greenway to get a little exercise.

Then tonight we went to celebrate Baby Pretzel turning ONE! Her name is not actually pretzel, but that is how AP has pronounced her name since she was born and the nickname has stuck! She has had a full first year of life, too. This is the little fighter that had heart surgery about 6 months ago. You would never guess that today, she's a perfectly healthy little pumpkin :)

C and his friend having a face-off!

One moment these two are best friends, the next moment they don't even want the other one to look at them. They are so much alike!

Here comes the cupcake!

And, for the record, she's not a fan.

Happy Birthday Little Pretzel!

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Julie and John Wright said...

if I were president, I would eat candy ?