Monday, February 1, 2010

Sled Heads

Sunday afternoon we went over to our friends' house to go sledding. This was the first time that the kiddos had ever been sledding! Their snow play time up to this point had been about 15 minutes at a time because they both complained of being cold to the point of tears. But, break out a sled and C is a new man! I think he would have stayed out there all day. He kept saying "this is awesome!" AP liked it as well, but was ready to go in after about 30 minutes.
Here are the sledding mommas :)

AP was not quite brave enough to go down by herself yet.

C and his good friend G

AP and little G
The littles
Thanks again to our friends for the sledding fun!


Shannon said...

I knew C would love it! Glad you guys came!

RoadDog said...

Southerners and snow. I don't get it?

You are welcome to come up and get as much of it as you like from around here. We have plenty of the white stuff just lying around.