Sunday, February 28, 2010

A Cool Guy

This morning AP commented on the paint I have all over my hands and arms that I couldn't get off. She said "you look kinda like a cool guy." I asked her what a cool guy was and she said "like a tattoo on your back and all over your arms and has long hair". Just thought I'd let you know what "cool" means to my 3 year old! I have no idea why.


Lori said...

Ummm, trying not to be judgemental, let's hope that is NOT what defines a cool guy when she's 18!

I know, I was judgemental anyway. For all cool guys with tattoos and long pony-tails, my apologies.

Shannon said...

wow!!! I still say she is just getting "it" out of her system early and the teenage years will be a brees...trying to be optimistic:)

love her AP Day picture!!

Jackie said...

Oh dear, that is funny. Where ever do they come up with these things? ;)