Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Snow Days 2, 3, and 4!

Yesterday we were out of school again for the snow fall that we had last Friday. We had a great day playing with friends. We started out at one friend's house for a little P90 workout, then went to another friend's house for lunch and play time. After a quick nap at home we headed out to meet more friends for kids night at Chick Fil A. My kiddos are big fans of the balloon man who is there on Monday nights and you can't beat free kids meals! After our dinner, my friend and I went to our WW weigh in. I'm down 5.4 so far, sloooow and steady :)

Today was snow day #3. We spent most of the day at home, mainly because I had been trying to pretend that laundry no longer existed and was seriously behind. We only ventured out to return our library books and check out new ones.

Tonight after dinner we made snow cream for the first time! Actually we made chocolate snow cream slushies. They turned out pretty good. First we collected about 2 quarts of snow.
Then we added sugar, vanilla, milk, and chocolate.

The kiddo with the huge sweet tooth gave his approval.

Here's the end result of spending the day catching up on laundry. I got 6 loads done and folded and there's still one in the washer and one in the dryer. The sad thing is I'll only be caught up for a day or two. Does everyone else fold laundry and sort the piles according to what drawer they will go in? Now I just need a laundry fairy to come put them away...

And we already know that we are out for snow again tomorrow!


Betsy said...

Woohoo for WW! I joined on the 17th but am just doing it online, no meetings and I'm down 4.8! Sounds like we are both slow and steady but it will pay off!

Shannon said...

good job on the washing...it was a good decision to stay home, although I only got 3 loads done:)