Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Bike Day, Fountains, and Custom Creations

Last Friday was Bike Day at our church. However, cup ball seemed to be a bigger hit than the bikes! They used their hands to hit a Dixie cup then ran the chalk drawn bases.

After Bike day we ran a few errands before cooling off in our favorite fountains.

Have you ever seen more natural beauty?

Silly boy.
And on a completely unrelated note, a friend of ours has started making children's dresses. AP has been working with her as a little model. I have also helped out with monogramming/appliques. AP wore one of the dresses to church a few weeks ago so I snapped a few pics for them. Sammi had to be in the first one :)

Here are AP and her AG doll in their matching Prentice Custom Creations dresses!

Our friend and her daughter-in-law also customize things with vinyl, too. I am excited to be hosting their first home party in a few weeks! If you are local and want to come, let me know!

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