Thursday, June 9, 2011

Sounds Winding Down

The Sounds season is winding down. I remember thinking that this season had so many games on the schedule, but it has really flown by!

I loved the way that the sun was shining down on C in these warm-up pictures!

Before the game on Monday, we celebrated Aunt K's birthday. It was all AP's idea to wrap back up the scary baby head and give it to her as a present! (If you have no idea what that is, sorry it was a family inside joke that I blogged about at Christmas :)
C had a great game that night! He said his hits were birthday presents for Aunt K :) He went 3 for 3 and hit it to the outfield twice! He had never even hit it to the outfield before. He ended up getting the gameball!
Here are a few pics from the last regular season game. We are in the 2nd round of the tournament now. We have a big game coming up tomorrow night!

Lets go Sounds!!

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