Friday, June 3, 2011

The Graduate

Last Thursday night, AP's preschool had their graduation ceremony at a local church. There were 73 preschool graduates! All in caps and gowns and super cute :) We took a few pictures before we left home.

This next picture scares me. I can envision her in her white graduation dress hands on hips 13 years from now! It's like a little glimpse into the future.

AP found her good friend backstage while they were getting ready.

Here she comes, first one out of the gates :) We later found out that she was strategically placed next to a little girl who might have made bad choices during the ceremony and AP was put there to keep her in line! At one point, the little girl started fussing for her mom and I heard AP giving her an earfull and telling her to stop it!
She spotted her brother :)They sang several songs during the program. AP was shaking and moving!

Here she is with her teacher after the program. Have I mentioned that we love her teacher and miss her already??


The Writer Chic said...

Love AP's dress!

Lori said...

I'm wondering about whether or not she has much self confidence????


Seriously--I love her moving and shaking on the stage in the pictures. Gotta love a girl with some spunk!!

Can't believe they are getting so grown-up!!!!

Shannon said...

so sweet!! I love her face in the first picture.

Jackie said...

Oh, just beautiful. I just about got teary-eyed for you seeing the graduation pictures. And those pictures in the white dress ... oh my. She is a sassy one, isn't she? ;)