Thursday, August 9, 2012

ATL 12

Two weekends ago, our family headed to Atlanta for the weekend.
On our way, we ran into a shut down interstate due to a motorcycle accident.  Nanna kept us entertained during the delay by getting out and running around the car :)

Once we got to Atlanta and got settled into our hotel, it was time to pile back in the car to head to the Braves game.  We decided it would be easier to stay together and find parking if we all went in the same car.  Don't worry, the kids were safely buckled in their car seats, but 4 of us were in the trunk area!!

And we all made it to Turner Field safely :)

The Braves beat the Phillies, 7-2, I think...

Then Saturday morning we all piled back in to go spend the day at Six Flags!

Both kiddos braved some of the biggest roller coasters there!  Our favorite was The Mind Bender!  The kids loved going upside down!
Like Father, Like Son.  I thought it was cute that they were sitting just alike :)
(although, this is actually C being upset that he is too tall for some of the kiddie rides that his sister can still ride, like the one above)

AP taking a break and riding on Nanna's Jazzy.
It was a long, hot, day, but we had lots of fun.  We still didn't get to do half of the things at Six Flags.  We overheard an employee explaining that there were record crowds there that day.  Next time we'll try to go in the middle of the week.

That night it was close to midnight when I snapped this picture of my kiddos still jumping on the bed.  It took forever for them to settle down!

We couldn't leave Sunday without a quick stop for breakfast and IKEA :)

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