Friday, August 10, 2012

InstaFriday {school delay}

I'm sharing pictures from my phone that I've taken throughout this week that both flew by and inched along all at the same time. We have been entertaining ourselves this week swimming, playing with friends, hiking, trying new recipes, going to Chuck E Cheese,and NOT going to school. Our county commissioners and our school board cannot come to an agreement over the school system's budget. So, in the meantime there is no school! We should have started this past Monday. So while the kids are rejoicing, I'm just hoping an agreement is reached soon without losing teachers and losing all our school breaks!

Monday morning found us in our pj's playing Candyland, rather than braving the carpool lines.

I tried a new peach cobbler recipe.  I wish there was still a little left!

We met friends at one of my least favorite places that is actually not too bad mid-week at midday. I must have successfully avoided it for a while because when we pulled up C said, "this is a rare surprise!"
We loved swimming with our friends this week, too!

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