Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Backing Up ~ ears "peered"

AP has been asking since she was 3 to have her "ears peered" (that's how she says it and it's one of those things I just don't have the heart to correct).  We decided that 6 would be a good age for her to be able to take care of them and be responsible for keeping up with them.  So she has been waiting three whole years to add a little bling to her ears.  When she turned 6 earlier this year, we were actually in the middle of softball season, so we decided to wait until the spring season was over.  So on the very day of our last game in June we took her for the long awaited piercing. 

It's funny to note that we went to the store "Icing" to have it done, but if you ask her where, she'll say "Frosting" :)

I know, I know, the crying pictures are pitiful!  But, she perked right up when they handed her the mirror to look at herself.  We had to wait 6-8 weeks to change out the earrings.  We are waiting on the first day of school to get to wear a new pair, so she's actually waiting 2 extra weeks since school has been delayed :)

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