Thursday, August 16, 2012

Visiting Santa in August

Earlier this week, Daddy took the day off and we woke the kids up early to a surprise road trip!  We didn't tell them where we were going until after we had stopped for breakfast and were well on our way there.  We like to keep them guessing :)
We drove to Santa Claus, Indiana to visit Holiday World!  We love this little amusement park.  It is just the right size to be able to ride everything and not feel like you missed half the park.  Hubs even made the comment that he liked it better than Disneyworld (I know, I think that's blasphemy or close to it!). 

The kids are with Mrs. Coch in this picture.  She and her family own Holiday World and the day we visited it was her birthday.  Can you believe she turned 81! She looks much younger than that to me.

The ride below was one of our favorites, The Sparkler.

Daddy and C on the Liberty Launch.  I think this ride is my personal favorite.

C is not too bad a driver!  I rode with AP and she had to stand up on top of the pedal and put all her weight into it just to get the car to move!

We watched a show with performing divers that was really neat.  You can see one diver set herself on fire before jumping in!

Goodbye, Santa!  See ya at our house in December!

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