Monday, August 6, 2012

Hello, Monday {Goodbye, Weekend}

 Goodbye, wonderful weekend spent with friends.  We had a blast.

Hello, incessant requests from a certain 6 year old that we adopt a baby boy.  
"I'm going to pray every night for that and you pray, too, ok, Mom?"

Hello, Monday morning that should have been our first day of school.  Budget stand offs in our county have led to an indefinite delay.

Hello, first fall ball practice this week for the Red Hots!!

Hello, unstuck Acadia thanks to my cousin who drug us out of the mud.
And hello, admitting just once that I should have listened to my husband about turning down that gravel road.

Hello, little muddy dog that started your Monday with a bright and early mud fest.  Looks like dog baths are on our agenda for the day!

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RoadDog said...

Enjoyed the visit last month. God seeing the little varmints, including both four-legged ones.