Sunday, September 21, 2008

Fall Football and Food

This has been a weekend full of fall fun. Friday night was Homecoming at my high school alma mater and the school that C attends. Our school won! Here are the kiddos cheering on their team. Someone gave C a homemade shaker so that is the blur at the bottom of the pic. He loved making noise with it each time our team did something good.

Saturday was the UT/FL football game. We won't discuss the horrible outcome. Hubs and I went to K'town for the game. Thanks to Boompa, Baba, and Uncle who shared kiddo duties while we were gone. Uncle even braved taking both of them out to Red Lobster by himself!

Then this afternoon I tried a new recipe that was in my Southern Living magazine in August. I love reading all the recipes and decorating ideas in Southern Living. This recipe was for lasagna cups. The pictures don't look that appetizing, but they were really really good and easy to make!

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