Saturday, September 13, 2008

Wish That I Was On Ole Rocky Top

In my mind it feels like fall is finally getting here. Outside it feels like a sauna, though. Today was the first home game for the Big Orange. This is our 2nd year to have season tickets to the games. I didn't go today because of a prior engagement, but Hubs went and it was a victory for the Vols! The kiddos and I cheered from home.

There are other signs of fall around our house, too. I love fall decorations. I still have some packed somewhere from when we moved and I need to go digging around in closets to find them.

And lastly, hubs and I have a date tonight! It has been quite a while. We are going to hear Boompa's (my dad) band play downtown. Should be a fun time.

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Jamie said...

I am craving fall, too! sadly, that is a season we really dont get here in FL. No colors, no crisp autumn air...maybe we should come visit you!