Saturday, September 6, 2008

C Stole the Show

We made a spur of the moment decision to go spend the afternoon at the zoo today. It was a lot cooler outside than it has been lately, which made for perfect zoo weather. The animals seemed a little more lively, too. They are usually so hot that they just lay there and sleep. The cougars were playing in their little waterfall and we have never even seen them awake before. I left my camera battery at home, but snapped a few pictures on the phone. We were able to see two animal shows today. The first one was a bird show. C got to go on stage! He raised his hand to be a volunteer with no urging from us. He got to go down and throw grapes to a bird that caught them in his beak. C was so cute up there!
AP spent some time riding on daddy's shoulders to get a better view.
The last show we saw was "animals of the wild". My favorite animal was this little guy. How cute is he? He is a two-toed sloth. He kept leaning his head way back to try to look at the audience upside down.
While we were at the zoo, we missed a chance to meet M who is just a month away from bringing home little E from Kyrg! Her son was playing football in our town. We will meet someday!


Maria said...

YES!! We will meet. We'll be back in White House in four weeks -- that's not long and just RIGHT before I go back to pick up the Princess!! You all can be my "send off crew".

Shane & Marie said...

How cute! I bet C will be talking about that for a long time.