Friday, September 26, 2008

My First Online Date

Well, it's not really online dating, but that's what I felt like as I was driving to dinner tonight. I first "met" M and J through her blog, Contents of My Heart. But, we finally met in person tonight! (Isn't J a handsome little guy?)

They are travelling in 2 weeks to go back and get their Kyrgyz cutie. AP took to M right away. She sat in her lap to help her open presents for Baby E. Of course, all the kiddos had to see what they looked like in the baby bonnet :)

AP even let M hold her like a baby. Awww...

M was so laid back about the kiddos climbing all over the seats and opening up and wearing all of Baby's E's gifts. She was probably thinking "what have I gotten myself into!"

We can't wait to see Baby E in the pictures with us! (and maybe the husbands, too :)


Jackie S said...

It is truly wonderful when we are able to connect in person with other Kyrgyz families, isn't it? Looks like you had a great time!!

Michelle Smiles said...

I love when I get the chance to meet up with blog friends in real life. I've been fortunate to meet quite a few and with very few exceptions they have been wonderful!