Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Toddler Bed Update

We're taking a break. I suppose that AP is thinking big girl beds are no fun if you have to actually STAY IN THEM. Now she won't even go near it. We will revisit the issue in a few weeks. Any words of wisdom? I really don't want to force her b/c it's really not that big of a deal. C was just so easy at this age. We told him to stay in his bed and yell for us if he needed anything. and he did. just like that. It's a whole different ballgame with our little pumpkin, not bad just different.


Shane & Marie said...

I don't have any advice, but I think not pushing the issue is a good idea. She will warm up to it eventually.

Anonymous said...

OH I FEEL YOUR PAIN!!! Yes, 2 hrs for me the first few times!! =( The only thing I can say is consistency. At the begining, I let Landon choose where he wanted to sleep. Only once he asked to go back to the crib and then as I started laying him in there, he changed his mind again. He has never slept in his crib since we put the bed up. (although I would have let him. NO PRESSURE) Now, we go from him not getting out of his bed once to a hand full of times. I simply kiss him, say goodnight and lay him back down. I try to say nothing after the 1st time. There are exceptions like when he has tears b/c he wants held. He's still my baby so I can't stick to the rules in every situation. =)

Goodluck with the transition. I read many stories online of people going through the same thing and it seems there was really no one way of making it work. Just do as you are in not pushing her. She will warm up to the idea in her own time. =)

Pasifik said...

I understand that. Sometimes that situation make us loss our passion.

Keep posting,


Anonymous said...

you we had the same issue so here is what I did.

I made it our reading place. I would read and snuggle on the toddler during the day...she still took naps in her baby bed. Then at night we would read and snuggle -she'd sleep in her baby bed. Then after about a week....she asked if she could sleep in the reading bed and I said-sure if you think you are ready!! It worked for us...but everyone is different.
Good luck!

J-momma said...

well, i'm no expert, but i say wait till she's older. is the problem that she is coming out of the room? cause we put a gate up in front of the door so that my son can't get out. once he figures out that he's stuck in the room at bedtime, he just resolves to stay in the bed and go to sleep. of course, if he wakes up crying in the middle of the night we go in to sooth him. but there were several nights in the beginning where we just let him cry at the door until he gave up and went to bed.