Thursday, March 12, 2009

Birthday Trio

Well, we managed to squeak out one more spring like day on Tuesday before it turned cold and rainy on Wednesday. Then today it snowed! No wonder the schools are closing due to "illness", it's going from 75 to 25 in a matter of 48 hours! Here are a few pics from the last day of warmer weather. The boys were playing "tackle." I'm not sure what little G thought the baseball tee was, but she was listening intently to it :)

Today we met Boompa and Baba at The Chop House for a birthday celebration. Boompa, Baba, and myself all have early/mid March birthdays. For the last few years we have made it a tradition to celebrate all 3 together. It was a great dinner. We 3 got yummy brownies with caramel sauce and vanilla bean ice cream. Mmmmm.

Baba brought C a gift from her recent trip to NY. She brought C a picture of his girlfriend (actually she is his cousin because she is my stepbrother's daughter, but we didn't tell them that :) from the cruise and cards that she had made for him. He was SO excited to get her picture. One of the cards said "I love you so so so much!" When Hubs read that to C, he said "Oh my, I'm getting married!" Ok, we need to slow down...

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