Thursday, March 26, 2009

On The Road Again

We are on the road to Hotlanta tonight. Then we are headed to the Hilton Head area tomorrow for Hubs' cousin's wedding. I hope it is warm and we can sneak in some beach time this weekend. I am a beach girl at heart and am happiest when I can hear the waves and feel the sand under my feet!

We brought along a few movies that the kids have never seen so we would hopefully cut down on the "are we there yet"s. Right now we are watching The Little Mermaid.

This was one of my very favorite movies growing up. My sister and I had the soundtrack and knew all the words to all the songs. And you know what, I still know all the words and am singing them loudly from the backseat of the minivan! Hubs thinks it is weird that I remember all the words, even the sighs and hums that are a part of the song.

C is really into this movie, too. Not AP so much, I think I sang her to sleep :)

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