Saturday, March 7, 2009

Practice and a little road trip

Thursday night was the big night...C's first baseball practice. He had so much fun, and he's not half bad! I think the biggest hurdle for him will be paying attention. There was a lot of waiting your turn, which turned into playing in the dirt time, but over all he did really well and we were so proud of our little guy!
Today AP and I got up early to go with my aunt and future cousin-in-law to meet my sister, niece, and BIL in Louisville. That's about a 2.5 hour drive, but is the midway point between where we live and where they live. We went to go with my sister to get fitted for my cousin's wedding and to have lunch with them. I couldn't miss an opportunity to see this sweet thing again!

After lunch the little girls had fun chasing ducks that were at a pond near the restaurant. These ducks were a little aggressive and got too close for comfort a couple of times!

We made it back from our road trip just in time to make it to C's batting practice tonight. He did even better tonight. I am one proud mom, and not because he is a super athlete but just because he is such a great kid! He tries so hard and always does it with a smile.

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Maria said...

Ah.... the joys of baseball. It's one of my favorite things about spring!!