Tuesday, March 31, 2009

He Scored!

Last night was C's first baseball game of his first season. That's a little bit sad to write, he will never have another first ballgame :( He started out in lalaland at first, I think he was just trying to take it all in. But as the game went on it was apparent that he was really starting to have fun and that's all that really matters to us (well at least to me).

At his second at bat he hit a little line drive right down the middle!!!! He danced his way to first base at a snail's pace, but then ended up scoring. His entire cheering section (and he did have a his own cheering section) was screaming!

He got a hit again at his next bat, but then just sort of froze when everyone started yelling at him to run to first. He was just looking around at everyone yelling and just stood there right on home plate. The longer he stood there, the louder we all yelled. It ended up being quite funny. All in all, he had a great first game and seemed to really enjoy it. We are looking forward to his next game on Saturday, but not to the very early hour that we will have to get up for it!


Shannon said...

I can't wait to come! He is so cute!

Kim said...

Hi - yes, we live in Murfreesboro! :) Just moved here in June.


eastandwest said...

Yay! He's so handsome in his uniform!

Kathy R. said...

He was great!!! Cherish those "first times." In the blink of an eye you will be saying,
"this is the last time he will be doing this." Glad I have C to start it all over again.

Maria said...

YAY C!!!! You know, there is nothing sweeter than the first season. I still have a very special photo of Josh's first season when he hit a grand slam. They are so sweet, innocent and clueless and it's all so very important! C looks very professional in his uniform. Send me a schedule and maybe we can make a game, ok?

Oh, and I had one of those sad moments when I realized Sunday was my last "first birthday". *sigh*

Nikki said...

Aw- he looks so cute!