Saturday, March 28, 2009

Check out that cake!

Last night was the rehearsal dinner for the wedding that we are in SC to attend. The dinner was at a restaurant in the resort where they will be married tomorrow. There was an awesome cake that looked like a fish right as you walked in!

(yes, that's really a cake!)

The kiddos showed off some of their signature dance moves.

Hubs is in the wedding, so he did his rehearsing and we had a really nice dinner.

I think the thing that I will remember the most is that C ate the leaf off his strawberry that was on his dessert, which is totally fine and not going to kill you. BUT, in C's mind that leaf was going to make him sick and he freaked out and started trying to make himself throw it up! (which he succeeded in doing) Then everything was fine again. There was no convincing him that it was not a big deal, Hubs even ate the leaf off his to show C that it was ok, but that just freaked him more. Oh well, we are all fine now! The sun is hiding today, but so far it is not raining...

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Kim said...

Wow! That is one awesome looking cake. Very talented! :)