Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Hey Batter Batter

C is playing Fall Ball this year in a different league than he played in in the spring. There are several differences in the leagues. This new league is known for being very competitive, but they also have won little league world series titles year after year. Fall Ball is supposed to be more laid back and instructional so we thought we would give this new league a shot and hopefully come away with some knowledge and skill that we didn't have before. However, it is not laid back at all, at least C's team isn't. Our coach is a yeller. At first I thought we were in over our heads. But, you know what? C responds really well to this coach. I was surprised. He has learned a lot of fundamentals that he never learned in our other league. Of course we have invested quite a bit of time to learn those fundamentals, 4 practices a week :) But, C loves going! Tonight was our first game and C did great! I was so proud. He paid more attention than he ever has.

He got two hits.
And scored both times!
We all deserved a scoop after that!


Maria said...

Josh actually always LOVED his "yeller" coaches. I know C. will have a great season!

Mandy Jo said...

To awesome! So glad he is liking it and of course Ice Cream is a must afterwards!

Amber said...

ice cream always sounds good:)