Monday, September 21, 2009

If AP Called The Shots

  • She would always choose her own clothes with NO input from anyone resembling a parent
  • She would wear a "mommy" shirt and jeans every day
  • She would wear multiple necklaces, bracelets, and headbands
  • She would wear her hear "in the back", meaning in a ponytail, with "no bow cause it makes me mad" (yes, this breaks her bow-loving mama's heart and I still force them some days)
  • She would pierce her ears and her nose!
  • She would have a tattoo
  • She would listen to music "really loud" and fast, there would be no ballads allowed
  • She would eat chicken with "manch" (ranch) at every meal, but she sometimes might allow pizza rolls for breakfast
  • She would drink only strawberry soy milk
  • She would chew the same piece of bubble gum for days on end (she saves it on her dresser at night)
  • She would always ride with the windows down, even if it was raining
  • She would sleep in her swimsuit
  • And she would fix mommy's hair every day!

Am I raising a teenager or a preschooler????!!!!!


The O'Neils said...

A preschooler who wants to be a teenager!! And I think you left something out!!!

The Writer Chic said...

She's a pre-tween. =)

Jackie said...

oh my word ... she is too funny! Love her stance in that first picture. SASSY!!

Lori said...

That AP sure does have quite the personality and I love it!! She's a rocker...obvious!

Shannon said...

Lets just hope she is getting it all out at 3 instead of 13:) AP, you did a great job on mommmys hair!