Tuesday, September 8, 2009

This Much I Know Is True

Update on 9/10: Baby P was retaining fluid and had to have a procedure done to take some off, but it has made her feel a lot better! She is breathing on her own and I just got a picture of her awake and smiling!

Update: When I left the hospital she was out of surgery, all holes that should be closed up were closed up, her heart was beating on its own, and her mommy should be getting to see her by about now!!

I'm not really one for throwing prayer requests out to the masses, but I have this friend

and she has this little cutie

who is having open heart surgery tomorrow morning.

I know that God created this little pumpkin just the way she is.

I know that He can protect her, grants wisdom to those who care for her, and can heal her.

I know that He can bring peace and comfort to her family.


The Writer Chic said...

I am so ready for this to be over. But I know God is faithful to see them through this.

Maria said...

Know that I will be praying throughout the day for the sweet little one and her family. Let me know how things turn out so I can rejoice with them!!

Allison said...

Saying prayers for her and her family all morning long. Keep us updated!

Brand New Mama said...

Oh - I love her!

Rachel said...

Ok I am a little late reading this? How did the surgery go??