Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Some Days You Just Have To Be A Ninja

I have this theory that after twenty non-stop days of rain (I really don't know if it has been twenty, but it feels like it), children start to go a little crazy!!! At least mine do. They can only take so many days of not getting to run wild outside and expend some energy. We'll call it the cooped-up-until-they-lose-it theory :)

This is what I am attributing C's decision to become a ninja at school today to. He had an incident of "karate chopping" a friend during his related arts class and then "ninja kicked" a friend on the playground. Geez. This is from my laid back, non-aggressive child. When we talked about it after school, C said "I looked in S's eyes.... and I could see that he wanted to fight." Seriously?! We had a long talk about keeping our hands and feet and all ninja moves to ourselves, at least until we get home.
When we got home this afternoon, there were a few rain-free hours that we took full advantage of with a few friends. Shortly after these pictures everything was wet again :(

Popping bubble wrap is always fascinating! I kinda wanted to jump in myself, but they popped it all :)

They said they had to ride 100 laps.

How cute are they?? I can't wait to show them these pictures when they are in high school.


amberlee said...

They are adorable!

Oh... and Layla had to pull her clip Monday for chasing Jackie during carpet time cause she "just needed to run, Mommy!" so I don't think C's the only one!

Jamie said...

Sweet pics! Will be neat to see where they are in highschool!