Friday, September 4, 2009

I Almost Feel Bad

Yesterday I went on my maiden shopping-at-T@rget-with-coupons voyage. Don't get me wrong, I shop at T@rget all the time, too much actually, but I hadn't crossed over into using my coupons there yet. I had several T@rget store coupons that I wanted to stack with others. Here is what I got. Hubs joked that he almost felt like we stole something (which we would never do!).

The grand total before tax would have been $40.35. I paid ..... $16.16 !!!! I actually had a little over $24 in just coupons, no other sales or deals. These are things that we use all the time, too. Makes me happy.
AP picked up a "mommy" shirt that she "needed" while we were shopping last night. I looked at the sale price, it was a good deal, so I bought it. I later laughed as I was cutting the tag off. Good thing it was marked down so much :)

Today was favorite color day at C's school. Like father like son!

We are going to see a lot of that color this weekend!!!!!!!


amberlee said...

I REALLY need someone to teach me to use coupons.

Jamie said...

I feel the same way. I walked out of Kroger with a few free things today that had been marked down and then I had coupons. I like it but sometimes when I am walked through walgreens and I have my paper and coupons to see how good of a deal I can get I wonder if they are watching me! I think I might try target this weekend.

Maria said...

Just think about ALL those times you paid REGULAR PRICE for those things and realize they made their money off you back then before you knew better. I am SO SO SO proud of you. Sounds like you've got a student in the making with amberlee. Still have your $$ -- have not mailed it b/c I am a horrible friend who can NEVER remember anything like MAILING something. *sigh* We might just have to have a play date so I can give it to you in person. From now on -- make me pay when I order!!! *smile*