Monday, October 5, 2009

Blessing From Above

Just another Monday around here. AP had her last swim lesson of this session today. She is still not swimming on her own, but is much better and can manage to get herself back to the side and out of the pool when she jumps in.

We got AP's speech progress report today, too. She has "mastered" almost all of the skills! There are a few more sounds that they are working on, but she has made huge improvements. Several family members have commented lately that they can understand her so much better. Her speech therapist has added another girl in one of AP's sessions each week and is using AP as the "typical peer" to help the other little girl hear her sounds. If you knew AP last spring and heard her talk, then you know that is amazing!

I'm sure all you adoptive mommas (or any mom for that matter) already know about this little book, but it is so cute that I wanted to share. It is a Little Golden Book that tells the story of a kangaroo who wants to be a mommy. There is a baby bluebird that falls out of the nest because there is no room and the mommy bird can't take care of it. Then the kangaroo adopts the baby. "Now, every night before they fall asleep, Momma-Roo and Little One thank God for all their blessings...but especially for each other."

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Betsy said...

Yeah for AP and her speech therapy progress!! I know you must be so excited and proud to witness her success. I love those sweet pictures of her cuddling with the puppy on the couch.

I must be the bad adoptive mama who does not support Little Golden enough... I will have to go out and look for that book! Sounds precious!