Thursday, October 15, 2009

Warm Reception

Sometimes I wish I went on the business trips so the kiddos would get this excited when I came home!

While daddy was away AP got her first cleaning lesson. I'm sure once the novelty wears off she won't think it is as amusing :) You've got to learn sometime. I remember going to college and being amazed that I had friends that didn't know how to clean their own toilet. I even sent my mom a thank you note for teaching me.

We are trying a trial run for the sponge rollers tonight. AP thinks she is hot stuff with her own "curlers". I am interested to see if she wakes up tomorrow with any left in her hair. (And yes that is a swimsuit top she is wearing. She likes to sleep in it and it is one of the battles I choose not to fight)

Shortly after she was all rolled, Nanna arrived! AP talked a mile a minute from the moment they walked in the door. C was his usual cool-as-a-cucumber self , "Oh hey Nanna". AP insisted on Nanna reading to her tonight.

Then Nanna had the idea to put bloomers on AP's head to keep her curlers in. The things we do for beauty!


Shannon said...

so how did the hair look??? Hey Nana...I wish I could have seen everyone today...It was just to cold and I live to far...but only 1 more week:)

Maria said...

Now see, I think this is a VERY clever idea to put the bloomers on her head. Nanas are great for those kinds of ideas. It was "cool" (literally) seeing you all today.

Allison said...

So cute! We need to see the "after" pictures!