Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Fall Fun, Friends, and First Field Trip

Sunday night our small group at church got together for a little fall fun. The kiddos wore their Indian costumes from C's birthday adventure weekend. They have other Halloween costumes, too, but we were excited to get a little more wear out of their cute Indian ones.

This little lion looks like he is waiting for Dorothy to show him the way!

AP had just heard an ambulance go by and was making an "Oh No!" face.

The costumes didn't last very long. The kiddos soon threw them off to go run and wrestle with their friends. We played several games and the kiddos each got to go on a 4 wheeler ride. This next pic was the pumpkin toss. C didn't really get the "you are out if you drop it" concept. He just kept dropping and tossing :)

AP and her friend getting ready for the broom stick race.

The brother and sister team beat them by more than a broomstick, though!

Three witchy mommas ;)

Then Monday morning I went with C's class on his very first field trip! This was also his first time to ride a school bus, too. I thought he would be really excited about that, but it seemed to be a non-event for him.

We went to a different pumpkin patch than I had taken the kiddos to last week. The first thing we did when we got there was take a hayride out to the actual pumpkin patch. Some of these pumpkins were still attached to their vines. C found just the right pumpkin.

C's class with his teacher.

C loved feeding the goats! It looks like the goat is smiling about it too :)

C got lost in the haybale maze. I really don't like corn mazes or haybale mazes!

All of the kiddos got a little scoop of Blue Bell ice cream. Yum. We might have to go back so mommy can have some :)

And this is a sneak peek at the crazy project we decided to take on last night!

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