Monday, October 19, 2009

It was a BEAUTIFUL day

First, this is what AP's hair looked like the morning after the sponge rollers. It was really cute at first, then sort of turned into frizz, but I think that was because of the weather :)

I could skip right to a monster post about all of the wedding festivities that we were a part of this weekend, but I would not be doing justice to the fact that we fought the freezing drizzle and mud at the pumpkin patch on Friday morning! As Maria said, when the plans were made we accounted for everything but the cruddy weather. We endured, however, and the kiddos didn't even seem to notice the weather!

Here they are looking very attentive in the "learning barn." They were learning about how pumpkins are pollinated and the different types of pumpkins.

Milking cows (or watering cardboard cutouts depending on how you choose to look at it)

AP loved looking at these little chicks under a warming lamp.
The cutest littlest pumpkin there, my nephew T :)The main attraction for the little ones was the vat of corn kernels. Time to pick our pumpkin! We're outta here!

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smileysk8 said...

Pig Races! Awesome!