Monday, October 19, 2009

Weekend of Wedding Bliss

It was a jam-packed weekend full of wedding fun! We started Friday night with the rehearsal and dinner. AP was pumped about being the flower girl, so I was actually surprised when she came screaming down the aisle during the practice. And I mean screaming. There was no real reason, but once AP starts screaming, it' not that easy to quiet her or change her mind. We decided at that point to let her walk with her brother rather than with the other flower girl and hoped that would do the trick. C, of course, did exactly what he was supposed to do with a smile on his face! AP with the soon-to-be-bride The rehearsal dinner was at a new restaurant at a local marina. Aside from it being freezing, it was a really nice place. The kiddos liked having their own table and doing their own thing. I think all the kiddos there had M&M's for dinner instead of the served entree :)

Me and Nanna, my mom
My sis and Baby T

The cutest niece around

AP getting "lip" aka lipstick from one of the bridesmaids on the big day! She loved getting ready with the big girls. The bridesmaids luncheon was right before the pictures on the day of the wedding so AP was with the big girls all day. I kept using the fact that she was such a big girl to try to convince her that she was not going to scream this time as she went down the aisle.

Both kiddos played their parts perfectly! I was a nervous wreck after I walked down the aisle and was standing in front of the church waiting for C and AP to come through the door. I know sometimes it is expected or funny for the little ones to act up, but when AP acts up she REALLY acts up and I would have felt so bad. After she made it to the front she did fine until the bride made it to the front then she wanted to go stand with her. When I whispered to her that she couldn't then she started to fuss. At that point, I just pointed to Boompa and she ran to him. The rest was a breeze! Well, for the most part. C and the other little ring bearer went to sit on the front row during the vows and ceremony. Several times Hubs had to sneak over and pinch C's leg because the boys were playing "I Spy" really loud and you could hear them talking :) I have to admit I was relieved when it was over and time to party :)

Here is C trying to reach the groom's shoulders in the conga line (is that what you call it?) around the room.
AP and S danced the night away. Really. They were both still dancing at midnight! So was C. His signature move was the running man over and over.

C did take a break to dance with his mommy :)

It was a beautiful, fun, and lively event. The bride and groom are now relaxing on a beach far far away. I remember on my honeymoon how weird it was just to call each other husband and wife. I would just randomly say "hey husband" just to see how it sounded :) Hopefully they are doing silly things like that that they will laugh about later.


Shannon said...

everything and everyone looked so pretty. I really wish we could have been there!!

Jamie said...

Great pics of your family! looks like you all had a great time!