Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween Party and Party on Halloween

Thursday was C's Halloween party at school. I manned the relays outside, so that's what most of my pictures were of :)

C's teacher was dressed as a witch as she read the kids a spooooky story!
Thursday night C had a baseball game then came home with a fever! Thankfully, it was just a low grade fever that lasted less than 24 hours. So he was ready to go for Halloween! He told me that Transformers don't get fevers :)

We stopped by to see the newlyweds (my cousin and his wife). Don't they make a great Batman and Robin?? They were Raggedy Ann and Andy last year.
Then we headed to a little Halloween party with friends from church. Being the mean parents that we are, we made the kiddos sit down and eat dinner before we could Trick or Treat.

AP the chicken with her friends, Dora and ladybug.

C with his G.I. Joe friend ready to hit the streets!

Hubs and I got a good laugh out of watching AP run in her chicken costume. It was too cute! We also talked about how we are glad that our kiddos still get to experience old school trick or treating. What they don't know is that mommy and daddy are eating their candy while they sleep!

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