Thursday, August 28, 2008

A Cubbie, A Puggle, and My Office/Closet

This is the third year that our church has had an Awana program. It is a great program to teach children very early to begin memorizing scripture. It is a little like Scouts in that they have a uniform and earn badges as they move through their books. This is the first year that we have had Puggles, which is the 2-3 year old group in Awana. So this year I have a Cubbie and a Puggle. I am a leader in the Cubbie group. The kids really enjoy it.

On the way home from church last night, C said excitedly, "I want to learn everything I can about the Bible!" So he proceeded to get his little Bible out and scan the pages in the back seat. Then little sister, who has to have everything that her brother has, gets very upset and starts screaming "me Bible me Bible" over and over. Being the bad parent that I am, I hadn't really gotten her a Bible that she could carry around yet. She has a few that were gifts when she came home, but not one that she could lug around. By the time we walked into the house, she was in full on meltdown mode. Hubs ran to her to see what was wrong and then I explained that she was upset that she didn't have a Bible. We decided to have a talk with C to see if he was ready to pass down his "baby" Bible and start carrying his "big boy" Bible. He was all about moving on to big boy things, so here they are both happy after the passing down of the Bible.

A while back I blogged about refinishing my desk from my office at school. It was in pitiful shape, so I sanded it down, painted it black, and then distressed it. I forgot to take before pics, so here are a few pics of the "after" desk and of my office where I spend some time each day. Keep in mind that it is the size of a closet, so I am doing the best I can with what I've got.


Jamie said...

Isnt it great to be back in Awana? We haven't been brave enough to try Puggles yet- our Cubbies group is so rowdy! There were 25 Cubbies this Sunday- over 100 clubbers combined in all 3 clubs! That is a record for us!
Love the Bible pics- they look so proud. And your office is awesome- not have bad to spend hours at a time in a closet that looks like that :)

Maria said...

Poor AP!!! We start AWANA again next week. I have a T&T-er. Love your office/closet and your desk!