Friday, August 29, 2008

Battle of The Alma Maters

This morning we told C that if it wasn't raining tonight we would go to the high school football game. He goes to a Pre K-12th school and we drive past the football field every morning. He asks almost every day when it is going to be football time. After we told him that we would be going tonight, he said (and I promise I don't make up his crazy sayings), "Well, when I go to avotional (that's how he says devotional) at school today, I'm just going to tell those girls that stack up themselves that I'll see them at the game!" I'm assuming the high school cheerleaders must come to the elementary devo to tell the kids about the game and C had plans to arrange a date with the cheerleaders, better known as the girls that stack up themselves! He is so silly sometimes. We did end up going to the game. It was my alma mater (C's school) versus hubs' alma mater. C and I are sad to say we got our tails kicked :(

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