Saturday, August 30, 2008

Airplanes in the Dark

Tonight was the first time that I have seen AP eat a slice of watermelon. She may have eaten chunks of it before, but I think it was the first time she managed a big piece. She really liked it, but was not too happy with the juice getting on her fingers. It was a really good watermelon, too (thanks, Baba!)

We had a few friends over for dinner tonight. One of the couples has a 2 month old baby. AP LOVES babies. She gave her kisses, rubbed her hair, and rocked her seat. Isn't Baby H a cutie patootie? She has the biggest beautiful eyes.

Tonight after getting ready for bed we were playing in the floor and C asked to play airplane in the dark. When my kiddos play airplane they are riding my feet in the air. So tonight we added a twist and turned the lights out. They both thought it was hilarious for some reason.

Tomorrow is C's FOURTH forever family day! It's crazy how time can fly by so quickly, yet it seems that he has always been a part of our family. If you have ever met C, then you know that he is definitely one of a kind. We are so blessed to have him as a part of us.


Gen 's Family Story said...

AP is going to be a natural Mommy!!! Love the edits with picnik, I love that program! Airplanes sounds like a good game, we'll have to try it!

Hilary Marquis said...

Look out, you have a mother hen on your hands! Happy Gotcha Day, C!!!