Saturday, August 9, 2008

I haven't stayed out that late in a while!

You would think that staying out until 11pm meant having too much fun. Nope! It was a consignment presale. Can you believe it? There was a line wrapping through the parking lot to even get in the place. I waited outside for about 45 minutes. Then once inside everyone went stark raving mad I tell you, all for used kids' clothes! But, I must admit I got caught right up in it. I shoved my way through and found some good deals. I found a Hannah Anderson peacoat and a cute pink corduroy trenchcoat for AP and lots of shirts for C. I even found a pair of slim jeans for C from Gymboree and a pair of new Stride Rites for AP. I was excited about all my finds until I noticed the line that was forming to check out. It was INSANE. I waited in line to check out from 9pm to 10:35pm! These kiddos better rock these clothes this fall :)