Thursday, August 14, 2008

First Day of the Second Year of Pre-K

Yesterday was C's first day back at school. We decided about midway through last year that it was best for him to repeat Pre-k for many reasons. He was so excited to be going back. He really loves his school. He is excited about his teacher, too. This means a lot because he LOVED his teacher last year. He switched rooms and is now in the classroom next to the one he had last year so the transition was a very easy one to make. Here he is ready and raring to go! And, of course, not to be outdone, AP wanted to get in on the picture taking!
Here is C once we arrived in his classroom. He is next to his new cubby and getting a hug from his new teacher. He had a great day, but was super tired afterwards. It's rough getting up early again :( The summer is just too short!


Jamie said...

Glad school went well. We start on we, i guess I just mean Ashtyn.

Madelyn's Mommy said...

He does look excited. That is a good thing!

The summer is way to short!


Shane & Marie said...

C looks so excited to be going to school again! Hopefully he has that same excited look in another 10 years!

LaJoy Family said...

Good plan to trust your gut instinct and repeat Pre-K. Better to be certain when moving up rather than have regrets years down the road after much struggling. Kudos! Always love catching up with your family.

Rachel said...

How cute do they look?! I think we are going have Alex do two years of Pre-K also. He's a late June birthday and I just think it would be best. We have a couple more years to decide (he's 3 now), but I would love to hear your thoughts when the school year is over. I have several friends who've done this with their boys and all are so happy they did.