Friday, August 22, 2008

We Closed Down The Park

Yesterday after school the kiddos and I drove to Cincy. It seemed like a long drive, but we made good time (taking our own potty cut down on the number of dirty bathroom stops). This morning after b'fast we headed out to Kings Island with nanna, my sister, and my cutie niece.
We spent NINE hours there today. The kiddos were so good. C got to ride every single ride that he was tall enough for and he is really tall for his age so that was a lot of rides!
He is such a daredevil. The faster the roller coaster the more he likes it.
His favorite was one that spun around really fast while it swung back and forth. He loved it. He also really liked the water rides. AP was so MAD when she wasn't tall enough and C was. She did get to ride a lot, though. The Nick Jr area has so many kiddo rides that you could spend the whole day there.
MY favorite part of the day was when my sis and I did the Sky Flier.
Yep, that's us. It was soooo cool.We are all super tired now and off to bed!


Ella Marie Boutique said...

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Gen 's Family Story said...

Your niece is getting so big!!! It looks like a really grand day!!! Oh, I love C's wisdom:)

janiece said...

I bet they slept good that night!

Nathan, Amanda, Violet & Anara said...

We were there a couple weeks ago and Anara is still saying, "I didn't like the swings - they scared me." Great pictures.