Sunday, April 26, 2009

The Great Birthday Adventure (aka I Took Too Many Pictures)

Several months before his birthday, C informed me that he didn't want to have a party with his friends, he wanted to go on an adventure for his birthday. So adventure we did! We left after school Friday and headed to the Wigwam Village in Cave City, KY. C didn't know where we were going on his adventure. Here he is trying to guess :)

This is a historic hotel that is over 60 years old. Each room is a separate wigwam. Hubs stayed here when he was a little boy. It was a perfect place to stay for our adventure! The wigwams circled around a large grassy playground that the kiddos loved.

Friday night we all went to a little Mexican restaurant near the wigwams. They celebrated C's birthday in the typical Mexican restaurant way. You can tell by the look on his face that he loved it!

Saturday we got up and headed to Mammoth Cave for the spelunking part of our adventure. There were twelve of us in our little group and there were a couple (I won't name any names :) that were not too sure that they could make it through the cave, especially after the rangers warned us that it "closes in on you" at several points in the tour. We chose the historic tour and it was a real workout!
The hike back up to the visitor center from the cave entrance was quite a hike as well. You can see AP found herself a walking stick!

After spelunking, the adventure continued at the Alpine Slides. Only the grown ups got to go on the slides, but the kiddos got to ride the chair lifts that went to the top and back down.

There was much more to do there than just the slides. C did the trampoline jumpy thing, we did bumper cars and go karts, too.
After crashing for a nap, it was time for a wigwam cookout and birthday celebration! The boys found their place at the grill.
The campfire lasted late into the night. Thanks to Uncle (and a little lighter fluid).

We were sad to say goodbye to our wigwam this morning. It was truly an unforgettable adventure!


Madelyn's Mommy said...

Looks like a great weekend.

What a fun little place.

Have a great week.


Lori said...

Holy cow, that looks like the DREAM birthday adventure! You all look like you had so much fun! One day he's going to be telling HIS babies about how much fun his mom and dad made growing up for him...and he will be so right!

Shannon said...

It does look like fun!! Happy Birthday Charlie!!

like the new look of the blog, i can't beleive you won...that's awesome!!

Maria said...

I was JUST there last week, stopped and took pix for a blog post of "Can you believe this place?" and never got around to blogging it. What a RIOT that you stayed there for C's adventure. Were they clean? It was a place I might would have considered but didn't know.... let me know!!

Shane & Marie said...

What a great birthday celebration. I have to agree, this adventure looks much more fun than a birthday party. The hotel looks really neat also.

Brea said...

SOOOO cool. We are totally going to have to do that this summer! THANKS for the cool idea and review!