Friday, April 9, 2010

Nooga in a Nutshell

Wednesday morning we left our house before the sun rose and headed to Chattanooga. Hubs was going for work so the kiddos and I tagged along so we could visit the TN Aquarium. The weather was perfect when we got there. We divided the aquarium into 2 days. On Wednesday we visited the River Journey building. It houses all the fresh water creatures.

The otters were our favorite in that building. After we finished we walked down to the riverfront.

We danced.

We played in the water tunnel. The water runs down the stairs alongside the aquarium and pools at the bottom. So much fun!

The kiddos favorite part about travelling with daddy- the hotel pool!

On Day 2 we went to the Ocean Journey. The stingrays were first. Yes, they were petting them.

We were perches in the butterfly garden.

We ran into sharks.
C declared the sharks his favorite part.

We studied the fish one last time...

then said goodbye to Chattanooga.

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Rachel said...

So fun! That shark pic is amazing!