Tuesday, April 6, 2010

It Doesn't Get Much Better...Or More Pristine

Today we met up with our friends and headed to Radnor Lake State Park. I went to college near there and used to go multiple times a week, but have only been back once since I graduated. It was the most perfect weather, beautiful scenery, and a great time with friends. We were once again with C's "best girlfriend" and her little brother who is sometimes AP's "best friend" depending on her mood :) They were all in great spirits today and did an awesome job of hiking 2.58 miles!!

We heard woodpeckers, saw turtles, and watched three deer cross our path right in front of us.

We stopped and had a little picnic and just as we were packing up a park ranger told us that there was no eating allowed. Oops, lunch was already had by all. She told us that it would damage the pristine area.

Many long conversations between these two

After taking the above picture, C came over and told me that his friend had told him that she wanted to be his wife. I can see that on her face in the picture!

The two below don't share quite the same sentiment, but can get along well when they want to :)

They were practicing their estimating, according to C.

It ending up taking us about 4 hours and we had some worn out kiddos by the time we got back in the car. We went straight home, ate breakfast for dinner, then headed to the ballpark for C's first game of the season. More on that to come!


Jamie said...

great post, you got some great pictures!

Shannon said...

Yes, great pictures...they are so cute! I forgot how pretty and "Pristine" that park is...i might need a trip there in the near future.