Sunday, April 11, 2010

Go Shorty

Today is AP's FOURTH birthday! That seems so old.... But, that's ok, she is so much fun at this age. She is learning so much, asking so many questions, forming her own ideas about so many things, and continues to keep us all on our toes :) Hubs and I were just talking while we were on our road trip earlier this week about how we would like to freeze the kiddos just like they are right now. Not that they haven't always been a joy, but they are becoming more independent (no diapers, strollers, etc), but still get so excited about little things and love being with their mommy and daddy more than anybody :)
So, back to AP's b-day. We had what has become somewhat of a tradition- a birthday muffin for breakfast.
I snapped a few pics of the b-day girl and her bro before church. AP told me this morning that she looked cute. I told her that she always looked cute and her reply was "not as cute as I look in this dress!"

This afternoon we had family over for a little cookout to celebrate. She is having a small party at our church later next week for her little friends.

It was perfect hanging outside weather. AP ended up opening all her gifts outside.
New tea set, new doll, new table and chairs.

Ok, now I am going to give away one of our family secrets and invite hate mail from orthodontists everywhere, but both of our kiddos have slept with their pacifiers at night until their 4th b-day. I know, the horror. So tonight was night number 1 to bed without it. Girlfriend was not happy :(

But, I am happy to report that she is sleeping soundly now and only cried for 5 minutes. And there were no real tears shed at all.
We have another fun day planned tomorrow, we are headed to Kentucky Down Under. I have heard that there might be a chance to play the didgeridoo and after seeing it on American Idol last week, I am pretty excited!


Maria said...

Happy Birthday, AP!! It looks like you had a great day and you do look SUPER CUTE in that dress. I like the little sweater too. Hugs from Ellie!!

eastandwest said...

Cutie Patootie! Four is my favorite age!

Shannon said...

Happy Birthday AP!!! So proud of the little lady you are becoming:)
I agree with all, you are a cutie!! Have a great Birthday week!!

Jackie said...

Her 'I'm so cute' remark is just the cutest thing!! Happy Bday to your QT :)