Friday, April 23, 2010

Burrito Boy

Wednesday was C's actual birthday, although his party was last weekend. He came in our room that morning and said "You don't have to say "good morning" you can just skip straight to the "happy birthday"! He started out the day with a candle in his waffle. No one else was awake, so he got a solo b-day song from mommy.

After school, C helped me make ice cream cone cupcakes for his Sparks group at church.

Before church we met up with family at C's favorite Mexican restaurant. He told me earlier when we were discussing what he wanted to eat on his birthday that he could be referred to as "burrito boy" :)

Oh, the anticipation of the presents!

If you look closely you can see his present from mom and dad. This is a big step for us, our first video game system.

Uncle made C two racks to display his gameballs!

Time to sing and get ice cream on your nose :)

Uncle and Kathy got C a replacement trampoline for the one that he jumped to death. Burrito boy loves to jump!

We are almost birthdayed out! We have one last little celebration this afternoon in C's class. The cookies on a stick are in the oven right now.


The Writer Chic said...

The gift bag threw me for a second.....I was like, there was NOT A WII in there when I gave that to you, it was an UMBRELLA! =) Ha! Hope he had a wonderful, spectacular, burrito filled day!

Maria said...

I'm thinking I need to "hook up" with Uncle to get Josh one of those game ball holder thingies -- GREAT idea!! Looks like he had a blast!!

RoadDog said...

Happy Birthday to Bonnie Prince Cholly. Does he still have that hat he wore on the cruise around Great Britain that Mom took us on?

Love those teeth.

Uncle Don